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Wood ChipWith the increase in the demand for wood chip for the Biomass industry we have also included a wood chip drying facility. Once again all our logs are debarked before chipping so we have a reduced bark content, thus reducing our Ash content.

One of the main issues out on the market with dried wood chip is the lack of consistency with the moisture content. It is very difficult to have a consistently dried wood chip at an accurate moisture content throughout a particular batch.

When air drying logs before chipping , there can be large inconsistencies in moisture content throughout the batch. The area where the air is getting to is dry while high moistures can be identified within the centre of the batch.

At Greenwood we dry the wood chip not the log. The wood chip is put into our process wet or partially dried and we pass it through our Drum dryer. This drying is computer controlled and what we get as a result is a  high quality consistently dried wood chip.

Wood chip can be dried to a minimum of 30% moisture and minimum orders is 50 tonnes