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PELLETS Wood Pellets

Wood-Pellets-15kg_smLaois Sawmills produces 25000 tonnes of 6mm wood pellets annually in Ireland. Our wood pellets are produced from raw material from our sawmill, this gives us control of our own supply and gives a greater security to our customers.

Ethically and sustainably sourced logs enter our sawmill and are refined and made into usuable products. Before entering the sawmill all logs are debarked. The raw material for the wood pellets  is made up sawdust and wood chip which is a by product of our sawmill. The sawmill and Green Wood Pellets have a symbiotic relationship which ensures that waste is reduced and our energy usage is a small fraction of our energy output.

All our wood chip and sawdust is bark free thus reducing ash content and raising our calorific value, the wood pellets are EN Plus A1 quality award certified and all material used is from FSC certified material. Our wood pellets are the highest quality in Ireland.

Please find results from our latest test:

Diameter 6.2mm   D06 Amount of Fines 0.7%   F1.0
Length 16.90mm Gross Calorific Value 18.6 Mj/kg
Moisture 7.4%   M10 Bulk Density 678 kg/m3
Ash 0.3%   A0.5 Particle Density 1186 Kg/m3
Mechanical Durability 99.2%   DU97.5

Our Pellet Products


wood-pellets-1.2-tonne-bags_smWe have the facility to automatically load our wood pellets from hoppers. Trucks are weighed in, loaded and weighed out. Minimum load is 15 ton. We also have the facility for our commercial customers to deliver loads on tipper trailers or moving floors. Minimum delivery is 28 ton.

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wood-pellets-80-bags_smWithout automated bagging system we can supply 15kg and 10kg bags. These bags are bagged under the name ‘’ GWP’’ . For our bigger customers we also supply an own brand bagging facility. Here customers can design their own bags and we will bag for them. Minimum order for own brand bagging is 300 tonnes.

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