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PELLETS Wood Pellet Horse Bedding

Wood Pellets for Horse BeddingDid you know that wood pellets make an ideal horse bedding? Wood Pellets are practical, easy to store and are an efficient way to control the cleanliness of your stables. They also provide a hygienic alternative to other types of horse bedding materials. They are made from high quality Irish raw materials with no additives thus making them the perfect bedding material for your horse.

Given the size of the stable, approx 10-12 bags (without mats) or 6-8 bags (with mats) to lay on a 12”x 12” stable which should last for at least 7 days without re-bedding. Afterwards, 1-2 bags a week should be sufficient to restock and sustain a dry bed. Watering the bedding before installing in the stalls, will assist the pellets to activate more efficiently.

All GreenWood Pellets carry the Enplus A1 standard given you peace of mind that your horse bedding is environmentally friendly and made from 100% natural product.

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How to prepare your horse stall with wood pellet bedding

  • Clean out the stable to the floor level
  • Place pellet bags in rows covering floor area.
  • Lightly moisten the pellets with water (7-9 litres of water, depending on the weather as there is more moisture in the air in the winter) to initiate the expansion of the pellets
  • Allow 10-20 minutes for the expansion
  • When the bedding feels dry to touch, place the contents of the bags in the centre two thirds of the stall and spread the pellets out to an even depth of approx 2 inches.